Dr.G Sreekumar
The Principal

College of Applied Science  Perissery
Perissery P.O., Chengannur,
Alappuzha Dist, Pin: 689126.
Phone  :  0479-2456499
Mobile  :  8547005006
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"The aim of education is not to prepare a man to succeed in life and society, but to increase his perfectibility, to its utmost."
                                                                                                                                                                                                     -- Sri Aurobindo
Radiating an exquisite spectrum of eminence and excellence for the last seven years in the field of higher education, College of Applied Science, Perissery, is engaged in defining and constructing the present, aspiring for a better and brighter future.
In the present academic scenario beset with expectional and distinct challenges and exigencies, the institution functions as a catalyst in carving out a prodigious ensemble, accommodating and acknowledgimg the individual distinctiveness and calibre.
Embracing the altruistic values and  responding to the timely need for phenomenal change, we envision, design and deliver entirely novel and innovative systems, modes and processes of knowledge dissemination by synthesizing cross cutting issuses.
Amalgamating domain knowledge with skill development and employability, we envisage cross boarder education and hybrid/blended/collaborative learning. Truly student centric, all our endeavours and enterprises are bent on ensuring equity, inclusion, accessibility and flexibility.
To fulfill the timely and global expectations and competence, we are incorporating innovation, design thinking and technology transfusion within our knowledge dissemination systems and practices.
We stand for a futuristic and dynamic knowledge society that aims at creation and application of knowledge for the welfare of the world through translational research and inclusive innovation.
We believe in education. We believe in all who come to us. That they will make their full and effective contribution towards the betterment of the world.
May their World be better than ours! May some portion of their happiness and success be due to us!