Electronics Laboratory

Electronics Lab

The electronic lab intends on educating the students about basic electronic circuits and discrete & integrated components. The lab is facilitated with advanced equipments. This facility is used for Basic lab, Circuit lab, LIC lab, Communication lab , ME lab etc

Electronic Workshop

The Electronic Workshop serves as an interactive space for the students to develop the knowledge in electronics hardware. The workshop has every modern facility for Soldering, PCB fabrication and etching including prototypic machines.


The Digital Lab is well equipped with all the trainer kits and measuring instruments for the proper setting up of different digital circuits and microcontroller experiments.


The smart era of 21st centaury can never be set apart from integrated chips and micro controllers. The micro controller lab acts as a platform for students to acquire a basic understanding about these inevitable electronic components. We have a fully equipped micro controller lab capable of providing software as well as hardware simulations. This knowledge can guide the students during their academic projects. This lab is currently running with large number of trainer kits as per the current strength of students and also provides IC testers for testing of ICs.


 Improving the technical knowhow of students by practical implementation of innovative ideal so technology in college lab maintenance, installation and troubleshooting.